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UK EMN NCP regularly organises events to facilitate networking and engagement with policy developers, government analysts, and migration researchers and organisations. 

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UK Syrian Resettlement National Conference - 28th January 2016

On 28th January 2016 the UK EMN NCP held a conference to inform the UK Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPRS), in partnership with the Home Office, the Department for Communities and Local Government, and the Department for International Development. The conference was funded by the EMN.

The event included a number of speakers expert in refugee resettlement.  It also offered a number of key stakeholders a chance to comment on what aspects of the scheme were working, what would constitute success in the VPRS programme moving forward, and what the barriers to success would be.

Nineteen table discussions took place throughout the day between an average of seven experts in the field, with a facilitator from Government departments. Experts included representatives from charities, local and central government, resettlement experts from other Member States in Europe, international organisations such as UNHCR and IOM, the Syrian community, and academics. Experts were asked to discuss best practice on the resettlement process from selection, to pre-arrival orientation and post-arrival integration. In addition, they were asked for key markers of success and suggestions on how to measure these.

A summary of the conference table discussions and presentations can be found below, along with other outputs used to inform the development of the conference and VPRS:

Conference Report - A note of the topics covered in table discussions and presentations

Syria Briefing - A Home Office report on best practice in Syrian resettlement

Lessons Learnt on Integration - A report detailing best practices in integration, taken from the Evaluation of 2011-2014 UK European Commission funded projects.

Presentations from expert speakers were organised into the following sessions, each designed to mimic a stage of the resettlement journey:

Pre-arrival, Preparation and Reception of Syrian refugees  

The UK’s experience of resettling refugees

What works well in resettlement programmes?

The importance of ESOL

Getting resettled refugees into meaningful employment

The presentations of the conference speakers are available on request, please contact us here