UK European Migration Network National Contact Point

UK European Migration Network National Contact Point (UK EMN NCP):

The aim of the EMN is to provide up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum to inform policy development at National and EU levels.

The European Commission co-ordinates the EMN in co-operation with National Contact Points appointed in each Member State. Home Office Science: Migration and Border Analysis is the UK National Contact Point for the European Migration Network.

UK EMN NCP Outputs:

The UK NCP publishes research on migration and asylum related issues that sit alongside the regular outputs of statistics and research on migration issues published by the Home Office.

The main outputs of the UK EMN NCP are:
  • Annual policy reports and policy fact sheets;
  • National thematic studies; and,
  • Migration and international protection statistics
A European-level synthesis reports provide an overview of the individual national reports, and includes comparative statistics where possible.

Additionally, the UK EMN NCP provides:
  • Rapid access to EU-wide comparative data; and,
  • Networking opportunities with policy developers, government analysts, and migration researchers and organisations

Thematic study topics for 2016 include:
  • Approaches to Rejected Asylum Seekers in the EU Member States
  • Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Programmes - What Works?
  • Searching for a Family Life. The Right to Family Reunification: National Practices.
  • Illegal Employment of Third Country Nationals
  • 2016 Annual Policy Report.

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